Jumbo Torch


Jumbo Torch

Tackling broad-heat projects is easy with the Jumbo Torch, designed with a broad, soft flame. This brass torch produces a 1.5 inch wide flame that’s perfect for everything from small diameter soldering to thawing frozen pipes and locks. The torch features an adjustable flame control knob. Torch lights manually with a spark lighter, sold separately.

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Great for

  • Fueling Stoves
  • Lighting Portable Stoves
  • Searing Meat
  • Starting Campfires

Product Specifications

Jumbo Torch


  • Product IconManual start (light with a Bernzomatic Spark Lighter, sold separately)
  • Product IconFlame control valve easily sizes flame and extinguishes when finished
  • Product IconBroad flame for small diameter soldering, thawing, melting and heat application
  • Product IconBrass construction for durability
  • Product IconLimited 3-Year Warranty
  • Product IconUse only with propane fuel, such as the Bernzomatic 14.1 oz. Propane Hand Torch Cylinder



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