Product Instructions

Make sure you're getting the most from your BernzOmatic hand torches, cylinder fuel, and gas appliance accessories. Our product instructions will help you use your products safely and effectively. Just like a pro.

Standard Torches

1500 Series  -  TS1500,  TS1500KC,  PK1500KC
2301 Series  -  WT2301,  WK2301,  WPK2301
2317 Series  -  UL2317,  UL100,  UL125,  PK1001KC
3000 Series  -  TS3000,  TS3000KC
BZ4500HS - Heat Shrink Torch
JT680 - Jumbo Flame Torch
JT850 - Self-Ignighting Outdoor Torch

Professional Torches

4000 Series  -  TS4000,  TS4000ZKC
8000 Series  -  TS8000,  TS8000BZKC
8250HT Series  -  BZ8250HT,  BZ8250HTKC
TS99 Series  -  TS99, TS99ZKC,  PK99KC
TS839 Series  -  TS839,  TS839ZKC
TS7000 - Trigger Start Torch